Monday, January 06, 2014

Ashtanga yoga, my morning practice

In the early morning I go to a Mysore class. When on the mat my mind is focused on the breath, the correct vinyasa count, the position of the feet. I'm present.
Back bending is improving and I'm happy about it. It's the adjustments that help me! and allow me to go further.

Today I leaped ahead re the vinyasas. I had aha moments. I felt stuck for some time. I didn't know how to jump backwards. I lifted my body, moved the feet through my arms and this was it.
Jumping backwards is already a confusing description. One must bring the body vertical. It's up up up. It's difficult to explain, videos will show it. I think today I came closer than ever to this dynamic movement.
I'm curious if I can repeat this movement tomorrow.

Last pose is bakasana.
I rediscover primary. So much is to write. I'm a bit busy right now...........posts on asanas will come, for sure.

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