Friday, January 31, 2014

Led class at 5:45 am

It was easy to get up at 4am this morning. I don't now why the led class was moved to such an early hour, but who cares about the why.

I was curious who would make it to the shala that early. We were 8 yogis/yoginis with MSch 9.

To practice that early with so committed people is a unique experience.

To practice is the goal. The body always learns something even though this may be not be always concsious.

Tomorrow is Saturday, a day off and I need it. So much is to do. We're still in the middle of the move.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moon day today - I need a day off

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I got up and went to the Mysore class at 6:45. It became easier to get up so early.
The little flaws in my practice are corrected now. I point my toes in ubbaya paddangusthasana as an example. Oh, M. Sweeney doesn't point his toes in his book 'Astanga yoga as it is'. It feels better to point them. The movement goes upwards. The pose becomes stronger when the toes are pointed. It's a stretching pose.

When I'm on the mat my mind is focused. Everything else is forgotten, my practice is of interest.
Off the mat this moving activity occupies me.

Another activity moved to our new home: doing the laundry. Yesterday I brought the electric iron and the ironing board to that place here. A washing machine is integrated in the kitchen. There is also a washing machine in the house for the people here. Yet I don't like to wash my dirty laundry in the same washing drum like the other people here. So I'm happy that our previous tenants had built in a washing machine in the kitchen. But where to put the ironing board? Our creative minds have a lot to do. One must try out things. Sometimes one needs a practical solution, sometimes it's all about beauty.

Today is a moon day and I need it. 5 more days and everything we have will be here. I still try to decrease our possessions. Not all books are put in boxes yet.
A glorious idea came up: if not everything is packed the moving company can do it. They offered this service.

No time to lose.......I must go on.....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Very content

I'm sitting on a wooden step in our new home. We still lack chairs. The steps are hard and I sit a bit high, so I have to look down to the screen. Who cares. I feel excellent. NOW. Feelings can change fast. This morning I thought after a vinyasa where my feet were sliding slightly on the floor: This practice makes me so modest. Yet being modest is also a great feeling! It motivates to keep learning.

Yesterday I felt exhausted. I was in the old flat and I put books into boxes and I saw no progress at all. This cannot be, I thought. This chaos here will never end. After 3 boxes I packed a bag to carry things to the new flat. This is not good for my back bending asanas, I thought from having left the old flat till I arrived at the new flat. I underestimated the amount of work that is to do when moving (after almost 2 decades).

I so love to live here and this is an understatement. To know that I've a home where I feel at home, makes me feel at home in a holistic way. Hahaha......

January was indeed dedicated to moving and yoga.
In February it will continue, yet I also want to get back to taking pictures. Then posts on yoga will come again. Time for checking my to do list and then ACTION.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Yoga and moving to a new place - this is my focus in January.

In short:
Yesterday I slept in.
It turned out to be a day of packing and carrying things to the new home.

Just returned from the led class. I'm challenged.

I'm waiting .....I had not ended the sentence, when the door bell rang. Waiting has an end now. The heavy smokers picked up the mattress.

The details:
Yesterday I woke up so well-rested. It was bright day. I knew at once I had slept in. Also good, I tried to convince me. I hurled myself into work, packed suitcases, discarded old stuff, carried bags to the new flat.

Yet today I made it to the led class. Once I read: you must fall in love with the rhythm. That's what a led class is about: the rhythm. I so enjoyed it.

Last night was the last night here. After almost 2 decades I move out from here.
We'll have a calm place. My sleep got light. I'm looking forward to sleep well again, because no cleaning cars start working just after midnight. Yes, it is exciting to move after so many years having lived at the same place.

There is so much to do, that I even neglect my blog, taking pictures. I focus. I must focus to get things done.

This was it already, must go on........

Monday, January 20, 2014

On presents

How does it come that I've so many many things? This question comes up.

- Many things that I have here are presents. There is the unspoken rule that one doesn't throw away presents. With the years these presents become more and more. They sit in the wardrobe, sleep in the drawer, dawdle in the basement, in the storage room, present themselves on shelves. One must let go of the concept that one has to keep presents forever. Nothing is forever. Exchanging presents is a game. Sometimes the giver finds the perfect gift, sometimes not. However things come to us, they can have a life span, a beginning and an END.

- I found out that I buy a lot of things because I cannot say 'no'. When I'm in a store for too long and when the salesperson is not too unfriendly, I feel almost obliged to buy something. I also cannot say 'no' to the hairdresser. I don't use this foam for the ends of my hair that I bought months ago. I'm convinced that if one eats well one has healthy beautiful hair. The woman who polishes my nails is a good sales person, too. I'v minimum 5 lotions and butter for hands and feet. I will learn to say 'no'.

- Sort of presents are also all the things that one gets if a person leaves this world. Then we inherit a lot of things. My advice: if possible take the brilliant, the ruby (not Rupee), the emerald . That's it. Things that are inherited are even more difficult to give away. The bowls from grandma - who can give them away? Only a psychopath, a person with no feelings at all, isn't it?

I got up this morning and went to the Mysore class. I practiced primary and I was happy about it. It has been a perfect start of my day. My body felt good despite the break of almost a week. To practice so early in the morning (6:30) seems to be a secret. On the mat nothing is important but the asanas, the correct vinyasa count, the even breath.

Now I sit here. In the chaos. Whatever I do here, I have the feeling the chaos gets worse. This cannot be. Yet it feels so. The first boxes are packed. Declutter more, I tell myself. Every thing counts. It adds up. I want a simple life.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

One step at a time - one piece at a time - decluttering day.

Decluttering first. Decluttering is creating space. I've 5 tea/coffee services. My favorite one is already in the new flat. I use it. I've 4 more services.
One is Zen like with only 4 cups and a teapot.
Another one is white with a gold rim and I inherited it.
The next one has grey design and is very good to use.
The last one is beautiful, but the cups are difficult to hold due to the grips. The intention of the creator might have been to make a special form. That people want to use the cups might have been forgotten.

Which one shall go? 

I'll take pictures of the services, what a glorious idea. Hahaha.......

R will come today again. She sells my stuff at a flea market. The money goes to Africa/Ghana. This makes it easier to let go yet it's still not super easy.

A picture says more than 1000 words, here are my goodies:

This one has grips that are difficult to hold. It has to go.....

I'm not so convinced of the design. Yet I used the cups this morning for the coffee. My favorite cups are already in the new flat. To be useful makes survival more likely, being beautiful alone is not enough, at least this is true for my cups and pots.

This tea service has to go. For sure. There are only 4 cups. Yet not having it will give me a bit more space, too. It adds up. I had given it to my mother 30 or 40 years ago. She gave it back to me last year. Did she need space?

This one is inherited. I seem to love gold rims. The plates don't look so beautiful anymore, the gold is washed up. Yet I guess I'll keep it and I'll put it at a place where it's difficult for me to use it. Hahaha.....

Oh, we've still more cups cups cups.......These ones were a present. I love African design. We have not used them. Bye-bye, my love to you is not so strong that I want to keep you.

Comments of E.:
1. You have issues.
2. Throw a coin.
3. All is good as long as you won't throw away my books on physics.

Space in our society is expensive. We have less and less.......I'm creating space.
I think I know more already than a few hours back.

The approach to take pictures was helpful.
I'm also a practical person. If it's not comfortable to hold a cup, the design is bad. This thing has no use then. It has to go. This is the consequence.

Today is a moon day. Yepeeee. This is a day off from yoga for those who practice Ashtanga yoga.
Action. Things must be packed.

Yoga posts will come soon again, promised!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Priority to project #1: moving

I overheard the alarm clock this morning at 5am. Even at 8am I felt still so tired. I missed yoga. Then it is so, I thought.

Also this day was dedicated to our move. Just this.
I want to see progress, yet it hides.

Living means for most of us also:
- decluttering
- cleaning
- organizing.

Being good at these activities are skills. I know experts and those who have no clue.

Even when we've only a rice bowl, it needs to get cleaned from time to time. We've to put it somewhere, too.

Some people might be able to delegate all this. Nevertheless also an office person or a craftsman has tools to perform his/her job. And these tools require the 3 steps.

Today cleaning used up my time: Checking google first makes sense so often. Parquet flooring needs special treatment if one wants to have joy with it for a long time. Main mistake seems to be that people clean the wooden floor too wet. There are dump towels on the market. They even oil the floor softly. :) We live in a specialized world.

Cleaning familiarizes me with a surrounding.
What I'm able to do, I can easily delegate. I can show how to do a task, I also know how long it takes till it's done.

Cleaning can be very meditative.
To have a clean environment is beautiful.

Tomorrow is a moon day. This means I can work again intensively on project #1.

Oh, oh, space is getting less. We just returned. We need space here for the boxes. So our Arabic sitting cushions had to go to the new place already. Good to have an opportunity to sit there. I put all the food ingredients in the cupboard and I realize I still have too much. I've too many sorts of noodles. To have 2 in store is enough. I'll use them up (to create space). Hahaha......

Enough for today.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I skipped yoga

That I would skip yoga this morning was clear already yesterday night.  We returned late in the evening from Berlin (see pictures). I felt tired. My sleep was not the best.

I still feel tired. I even feel a bit dizzy. The company vis-à-vis started the business after midnight. They clean the streets and during winter they shove snow. I woke up each time when one of the cars left the courtyard. Our days here are counted.....

Tomorrow is a moon day. Mysore class won't take place.
I've a lot to do.........

Music shall wake me up......
Music shall give me a kick....
Music shall get me going.....and it does.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

In Berlin

In Berlin: The hotel room has space. This makes it easier to practice. The floor is a bit hard. Yet if one wants one finds always something that is not perfect. I practiced and I'm happy about it.

The room is very warm and I sweated a lot.
I felt stiff. I don't care.......

Friday, January 10, 2014

Wow, this is what I call a led Ashtanga class

It's Ashtanga yoga tradition to have a led class on Friday. Primary is practiced on Friday around the globe.

MSch led us through primary today, with perfect speed and perfect vinyasa count. One reason for the led class is to practice according to the correct vinyasa count.

During a led class one must listen and one must practice according to the announcement of the teacher. One doesn't practice re the own rhythm. One word was enough and everybody understood. Ashtanga yoga is not about talking, it's about doing. Ashtanga yoga is also a teaching method (few teacher understand this)

No vinyasa was omitted.
No variation were offered. No bloody beginner was in class, too. Beginners better learn the asanas in Mysore classes, where the asanas are shown individually.
No little breaks were made.

I had a perfect led class today and I'm more than happy. I'm enthusiastic.
The practice almost killed me. This translates: I was challenged. At home I slept, a few hours. But as my sleep is not so good lately, I appreciate it when I can sleep. Then I also need it. Oh, it's 1:30pm now. Who cares. My work doesn't run away from me.

Tomorrow my mind and my body deserve a day off.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Deep deep relaxation....

To get up at 5am is still not easy. More and more yogis and yoginis manage to do it. The shala is full at 6:45. Munich has an Ashtanga yoga community. To be part of this committed group of practitioners motivates me to get up and give my best. What my best is varies a lot. Yet my back bending improves. The adjustments are super good and have the potential to make a passionate back bending yogini out of me.

During yoga practice my mind is disciplined.
Off the mat I'm visualizing all day long, all night long. Even my sleep is superficial. To move to a new flat is so exciting. How to arrange everything? What to throw out, what to keep. This process has achieved a new high. With each thing that leaves me, I feel lighter, yeah better.

Today during savasana I could finally let go of all these thoughts. I reached a deep level of relaxation. I was yearning for this. When I opened my eyes again yogini L who started relaxation at the same time like me was gone. I met her on the steps to the changing room.

My mind is spinning again. A few more weeks......then my life can go slower again......

Monday, January 06, 2014

Ashtanga yoga, my morning practice

In the early morning I go to a Mysore class. When on the mat my mind is focused on the breath, the correct vinyasa count, the position of the feet. I'm present.
Back bending is improving and I'm happy about it. It's the adjustments that help me! and allow me to go further.

Today I leaped ahead re the vinyasas. I had aha moments. I felt stuck for some time. I didn't know how to jump backwards. I lifted my body, moved the feet through my arms and this was it.
Jumping backwards is already a confusing description. One must bring the body vertical. It's up up up. It's difficult to explain, videos will show it. I think today I came closer than ever to this dynamic movement.
I'm curious if I can repeat this movement tomorrow.

Last pose is bakasana.
I rediscover primary. So much is to write. I'm a bit busy right now...........posts on asanas will come, for sure.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

"One can also exaggerate."

Between Christmas and New Year I visited my parents. I practiced primary. My mat lied between TV and the armchair of my father. He sat at the table in the dining room and observed me: "One can also exaggerate." "Consider, that I have to practice for you, too, I have to do a bit more", I interjected. This convinced him.

We remembered how one convinced babies to eat: one spoon for your aunt, one for your uncle, one for your brother and so on. I'm not sure if this method is always successful. In my case it was not.

Yet when I dedicate my practice or asanas to someone, my energy increases like a miracle. 

My yoga start of this year 2014 was excellent. To get up at 5am is not yet so easy, but as soon as I've left my home, I'm in anticipation. During my practice my thoughts circle about the asanas. I focus on the breath. I remember what I've learned and try to apply it. My practice is relaxed, my mind is relaxed.

Tomorrow is a led class. Great.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

There must be room for new things, new events, new adventures

What have I done on the first day of the year 2014?

I decluttered. I created room. I made my life simpler. I exercised to let go.......

Sometimes I wonder if post on this topic are really of interest. Again and again I see that many people should be interested in this topic.
We move and yesterday I cleaned the floor of our new basement. It's a little space with a gutter around. Next to our space others have stored there stuff.  I saw the space of the other people who live in that house. They are full from floor to ceiling and some even use the aisle. I cannot imagine that people know what is in all these boxes.

It's a better feeling to have everything that one needs than to have too many things.

Decluttering has 5 steps for me: 

First step: Plan a bit. What do you want to declutter? It can be a drawer. In my case it was the basement where we live since 15 years. Sometimes we have 25 min and we can use this for decluttering. Yet I wanted to go through every box that I found there. I wanted to empty this space.
Nevertheless I structure the time. I work 25 min, take a break of 5 min and work another 25 min. Most boxes belonged to E, so we worked together.
Second step: The second step is indeed to make decisions fast. So many memories come up when going through this old stuff. Almost lost things are found again. Yet my tip here, don't read old stuff, don't distract. Make quick decisions what to keep and what to throw out.
In our case we found a lot of stuff that was simply garbage. Then there was the stuff that we don't use anymore like skis. Away with it. Yet we also found documents. They need another place but the basement.
Third step: Things must get out of the house. Papers and  small items can get in the garbage can. Yet we have so much that we have to drive it to a waste dump. Don't waste your time with selling garbage. It used up already enough from your precious time.
Fourth step: The room can be cleaned.
Fifth step: Enjoy the result. Celebrate it. Realize that room was created by you. You let go of a lot of burden that was carried around. Stop. This is great. Realize it.

We were so good today, that I don't know what to put in the new basement. Hahaha......not really a problem. I'm sure things will show up that will love to live in the basement on the shelf that I will put there.

Today was a moon day. Ha, a day off from asana practice for us Ashtangis. This too is an exercise of letting go, of detachment.