Monday, December 09, 2013

What? Monday already?

Yesterday we spent the day on the Table Mountain. One can walk around there. Many, also locals, meet there for a bottle of wine or a dinner. We met some Germans there, too.

It was a relaxing day.
In the meantime it's very hot here. I cover my skin with a jacket and I wear comfortable trousers.

Most dangerous is the traffic. When we returned  yesterday, a motorcycle was in pieces in front of the hotel. This crossing is criminal. Even when the lights are green and they are only green for a second, car drivers don't pay attention. They race around the corner without paying attention.

What I really love here is the friendliness of the people. It's very easy to have a chat. Yesterday we talked with a cab driver about the political system in Germany. He loved our democracy. Waiters talk to us when they see that E is reading a book on mathematics. It's an honest interest. It seems not to be too intentional.

Time to go for breakfast.

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