Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How I talked myself out of bed...

At 9pm I was in bed yesterday. This should assure that I get up at 5am. When in bed I rolled from one side to the other. To fall asleep was not so easy. I breathed and stayed in bed. Dreams made the night lively. For me it's more relaxing when I don't remember the activities of the brain.

Suddenly E sat next to me and I realized that he was adjusting the alarm clock. What? already 5am. I still felt sooooo tired. My eyes were tired, I wanted to sleep. "Shall I go, my darling? I'm soooooooo tired." "Stay in bed." I hugged him, it was warm and cosy. With a jerk I sat again in bed. I had a moment of excellence. It wouldn't be easier tomorrow to get up. Coffee, shower, finding something to dress for the practice, putting on something comfortable and warm for the commuting. This is possible. I thought of my fellow yoginis. I gave me some pralinés from the Christmas calender. A reward. And I went. Ha, I went.

Redundant to say that the Mysore class was awesome. MSch asked me to practice primary for 7 days. I heard this with relief. My knee is still not 100%OK. I've still the vacation in my body that is I haven't practice as much as I liked to. There is so much to improve in primary. I trust MSch also. He is experienced. I worked hard on back bending. When I was in paschimottanasana after the back bending my legs trembled. I had reached my limit.

Here I sit now, sipping Matcha tea. I've so much to do. I have the time now. Practicing so early makes my life more relaxed because I've less time pressure.

I know tomorrow it will be easier already to get up at 10 to 5am. Tralali tralala.......It's a moment that is difficult a moment.......and a hot tip, after having left the bed, don't return. (There are exceptions from the rule, always!)


yulang said...

Haha, didn't know about the scenes behind that brought you to practice today. Usually if I get up from bed, I will go, since it would be difficult for me to fall asleep again, and I will be thinking of the practice while lying down also.

I am also leaving for the whole next week, and I am sure that I will not practice so seriously then. But it's okay, we will find our way again! ;)

Ursula Preiss said...

Yes, we find our way back to the mat!!! Again and again.

When traveling I fall off the wagon sometimes. Yet the practice is so good, I don't want to miss a single one.I also loved to see you and the other committed yoginis again. So I finally mat it to the shala.

Let's keep practicing.....

Et bon voyage.