Monday, December 02, 2013

Ashtanga yoga in Cape Town...

There are 2 Ashtanga yoga studios here that offer Mysore classes early at the morning (6:30) and many other yoga studios, too. What a luxury.
One Ashtanga yoga shala is in 40 min walking distance from the place where we stay, the other one in 20 min walking distance. It's not recommended to walk, as there is often no sidewalk, google mat told us.
40 min would be too long for me to walk, yet I could take a cab. They are affordable.

Yesterday night before bedtime we looked up the places. Both areas, where the yoga studios are located didn't look so inviting. I know that this is a projection. Thoughts about future events are just thoughts. My feeling is that Cape Town is much less dangerous than 7 years ago, when I've been here the last time. Nevertheless, we don't know.
We decided that I practice in the hotel this week. And next week, when E is on holiday, too, he can go with me. This is surely safer than walking so early in the morning alone to a shala.
It's his holiday then and I know that he loves to sleep in. I'll go perhaps once, just out of curiosity. The hotel room is so beautiful, it invites to practice here.

My situation has changed. 8 years ago, I taught myself the second half of the first series. I wanted to go to any teacher who could correct me. I was so greedy to learn something
I've a teacher in Munich. I'm no more so dependent to get feed-back from a teacher somewhere in the world.

Sunshine here. It's summer time. I had a coffee already. This woke me up. I guess I'll take a shower now, then I'll go out and I'll search a nice breakfast cafe. There are so many here. I'll write my journal, will read a bit and then I'll try to capture some moments here.


Anna said...

Would love to be there with you - having a cup of tea in the sun! Lovely and grey here in London haha.

Ursula Preiss said...

This would be great, Anna.