Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last day of the year 2013

The scenery is known. Suddenly my E sat next to me with the alarm clock in his hand.
Me: "What? Already 5am?"
I had the feeling as if I was just falling asleep. My mind is so busy during the night with all the activities I want to do the next day, so that I don't feel well-rested the next morning.
Me:"I'm so tired. Shall I go?"
He:"Keep sleeping."
He:"Because you are tired."
And out of bed I was. Lol. My fellow yoginis came into my mind. I also thought how good I will feel afterwards. And so it happened. I went, had a lovely practice, enjoyed to see all the yogis and yoginis and now I feel excellent AND an entire day is still available for all my important and not so important activities.

We move and I want to clean the basement there. Decluttering is on the schedule, too. What can be done by now, must be done.

In the evening I'll prepare my Indian red lentil soup for E and myself. At around midnight we're invited by a friend to have some Champagne and a Krapfen.

I make resolutions also this year, because I love planning: 
In the train during my tour to Germany I read a story by a coach. A woman was so exhausted with all her projects she had to do. She asked for advise what to do. The coach took 5 shoes and threw them at her. She should catch them. She tried again and again, yet she only caught one or two. Finally she had the idea to catch one shoe after the other. She could do this. She was asked to  tell the coach how he should throw the shoes. And suddenly she could catch them all.
The message: One step at a time.

Less is more: 
My yoga goals for the next months: back bending.
I want to study English and French again. My languages must get better.

I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing evening. Happy New Year. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

It is the evening of the day.....

And tomorrow we can celebrate the last day of the year 2013.............at 10am I will be in bed. There is a Mysore class tomorrow in the morning, I have to go.......

To practice on the last day of the year yoga is great. Feel free to join, where ever you might be. Good night.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's a piece of cake....

"You should not be practicing to have a “good” practice, but instead to keep steadiness within yourself.
Practice happily regardless of whether it is “good” or not. Sometimes some postures will not be possible, but when you accept the good and the bad and everything becomes equal for you, that is yoga."

~ R. Sharath Jois

And today it was hard. We were out yesterday night and the waiter was sleeping or had other interests, but to look for his guests. So I was later in bed than I wished I were. However. 
No practice is like another one. All are unique. 
I'm always happy when I practiced. Also today. 
Today I fell out of supta kurmasana. This is so sometimes. Next time it can be that I can hold my wrist again. Who can predict what's going to happen next time?

Whatever feeling might arise and they are numerous, above all I feel thankfully that I can do this practice. 
This practice gives me indeed stability in my life. I can so relate to the quote by Sharath.

I also know that the 'good' practices are only possible because of the 'difficult' ones. 
When it's difficult the practice becomes even more a mental exercise. Keep going can require a lot of energy sometimes. 

It's done. The practice is over for today and I can dedicate my time to other activities. Christmas presents must be packed and so on.......

Picture is taken in South Africa. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How I talked myself out of bed...

At 9pm I was in bed yesterday. This should assure that I get up at 5am. When in bed I rolled from one side to the other. To fall asleep was not so easy. I breathed and stayed in bed. Dreams made the night lively. For me it's more relaxing when I don't remember the activities of the brain.

Suddenly E sat next to me and I realized that he was adjusting the alarm clock. What? already 5am. I still felt sooooo tired. My eyes were tired, I wanted to sleep. "Shall I go, my darling? I'm soooooooo tired." "Stay in bed." I hugged him, it was warm and cosy. With a jerk I sat again in bed. I had a moment of excellence. It wouldn't be easier tomorrow to get up. Coffee, shower, finding something to dress for the practice, putting on something comfortable and warm for the commuting. This is possible. I thought of my fellow yoginis. I gave me some pralinés from the Christmas calender. A reward. And I went. Ha, I went.

Redundant to say that the Mysore class was awesome. MSch asked me to practice primary for 7 days. I heard this with relief. My knee is still not 100%OK. I've still the vacation in my body that is I haven't practice as much as I liked to. There is so much to improve in primary. I trust MSch also. He is experienced. I worked hard on back bending. When I was in paschimottanasana after the back bending my legs trembled. I had reached my limit.

Here I sit now, sipping Matcha tea. I've so much to do. I have the time now. Practicing so early makes my life more relaxed because I've less time pressure.

I know tomorrow it will be easier already to get up at 10 to 5am. Tralali tralala.......It's a moment that is difficult a moment.......and a hot tip, after having left the bed, don't return. (There are exceptions from the rule, always!)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you very much to all those who don't forget to buy the amazon goodies via my blog. (On the right side are links.) I know one has to remember this. When I went through my mail after my return from South Africa I found a cheque from amazon US. This is a great joy for me. Thank you:

The night in the plane was exhausting. We arrived tired. Yet being tired is so much better than having jet lag. Tiredness requires some extra sleep and it's gone. To get rid of jet lag lasts a week usually and the entire organism is concerned. We went horizontal as soon as we had arrived our home. I'm well rested now and active.

My suitcase is unpacked already. The washing machine is working the second time. Chores are done. My arriving routine is in full swing. Time runs......

At 6:30 we were in the taxi, I thought of the Mysore class that starts at 6:30. I would have been too late to join. Next Mysore class is on Wednesday.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cape of Good Hope

True wild life can be found at Cape of Good Hope. These baboons are dangerous, but visitors also vex them.

Last night at the hotel and tomorrow night we'll be in the plane to good old Germany.

Friday, December 13, 2013

My first and last safari

The above picture is taken on our way to a safari lodge, 2 hours away from Cape Town. There is still a lot of poverty in South Africa. The areas where people live in huts are huge. A possibility to get work is surely a lodge, also a safari lodge.

The landscape in South Africa is most beautiful. One can see wild animals, monkeys i.e. I had no picture left in my camera when we saw a monkey family next to the street on our way back.  All 200 pictures were taken during the safari. 

We arrived at 12am at the lodge. First lunch was offered in form of a buffet. As everywhere people take from everything as much as they can and as fast as they can as soon as it's allowed to touch the food. After 5 min of opening the buffet, the dessert was already attacked. 

At 1:30pm the safari started. Most people go in the morning. Many stay also overnight there. We went during the hot time. We sat in a van that could carry 20 people, yet we were less. 
When the driver opened the door to the safari area he stopped and told us that we shouldn't be disappointed if we didn't see the big animals. 

Yet we saw them all. I was not mistrustful. I was fascinated: 

To get so close to all these animals without a bar between us was amazing. We had signed before the safari that the organisation is not responsible for anything that can happen, not even for our death. They wouldn't do the tour if it wasn't safe. 

Then we stopped again and our driver pointed at a little lion next to the road. We all took our cameras and click click. It was said that lions sleep 20 hours a day and it's hot, too. I still believed it.

At the end of the tour cold Champagne was offered in Champagne glasses in the middle of this meager landscape. It was hot. I felt sweaty and perhaps a bit dusty, too. Yes, it felt good to gulp down this cold bubble water, yes, it is decadent. 

Then yesterday night I had published this lion on Facebook and a friend asked if it was sedated. I was less than a meter close to that wild animal. The lion scarcly opened the eyes, any movements seemed to be too much. I know now that the lion was sedated half death, so that it's safe for the visitors. 
The same with the rhinos below.
I don't need such photographic 'trophys'. I was naive. I could have been a bit more mistrustful, yet I wasn't.

I prefer to see animals wild. This is not possible during a safari. I know now that it would have been much better if I hadn't seen an animal at all. Perhaps a field mouse or a little bird, yes, but wild animals don't search the closeness to us human beings. This was my first and last safari, that started with curiosity and ended with me being sad. 

Next time I publish self-portraits again. No harm is done then. 

Instead of offering tours where one shows  half death animals one could offer meditation classes or yoga classes. One could paint or dance. Reading is fun, too in such a beautiful surrounding. 

PS: My latest news from people who live in SA for more than 5 years is that the animals in that safari lodge are not sedated. They are indeed tired like hell. It can be dangerous to be there when the weather is cooler and when they are hungry and when th driver gets to close to them. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vacation from everything...

Vacation from everything has been on the schedule. It seemed so. At least till this late morning it has been so. All my habits got some days off during the last week, also those that are a joy, like writing my journal. Today I realized that in a week I'll have the first Mysore class again in Munich. It helped me to step on the mat and to remember my routines. Primary is done now. It was good. I sweated a lot, because it's warm here and because primary exhausted me. I also wrote my journal again. I'm getting back to my routines that help me to navigate me through life in a joyful, relaxed way.

It's an important rule not to omit asanas or vinyasas. I sticked to the rule. This is what pushes me forward.

Nevertheless today is a relaxing day. We take a day off from being tourists, too.
Yesterday I finished the book 'African Queen' by Helge Timmerberg. I read till midnight. This man traveled with his girl-friend seven months within the continent. What we experience here in South Africa is Africa light in comparison. By now no elephant attacked us, I had no malaria either. I agree, most dangerous is the traffic in Africa.

Cape Town is full of guests who want to attend the ceremonies due to the death of Nelson Mandela. Many politicians are here, also from other African countries, from America, from around the globe. In the hotel where we stay, we see most beautiful women in African dresses and headdresses. All is very colorful. I'm thinking 'WOW, all the time.
We wrote in the  book of condolence that is in the lobby. We won't go to the stadium today. We avoid the masses. All is free. One only needs a passport to get in. Our waiter from our breakfast restaurant informed us. Nevertheless.....

We, E and I enjoy being together, we laugh together, this is enough for today.
And tomorrow we'll be on a safari tour.....

Monday, December 09, 2013

What? Monday already?

Yesterday we spent the day on the Table Mountain. One can walk around there. Many, also locals, meet there for a bottle of wine or a dinner. We met some Germans there, too.

It was a relaxing day.
In the meantime it's very hot here. I cover my skin with a jacket and I wear comfortable trousers.

Most dangerous is the traffic. When we returned  yesterday, a motorcycle was in pieces in front of the hotel. This crossing is criminal. Even when the lights are green and they are only green for a second, car drivers don't pay attention. They race around the corner without paying attention.

What I really love here is the friendliness of the people. It's very easy to have a chat. Yesterday we talked with a cab driver about the political system in Germany. He loved our democracy. Waiters talk to us when they see that E is reading a book on mathematics. It's an honest interest. It seems not to be too intentional.

Time to go for breakfast.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday high

Just experiencing my Friday high after having practiced primary. This practice is genius.

Today I practiced 'only' primary. The longer I practice the more I see how smart the system is. Primary on Friday is enough.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Good night

A first practice happened

Right now, I really wonder, why it's sometimes so difficult to start a yoga practice. As soon as I was on my mat it was great. I practiced primary 'only'.

I've still 2 injuries that causes pain. In the US I fell from a step in a house. Most accidents happen at home. My upper feet still hurts when I do Marichyasana B.
And my knee is still not healed. Yesterday I wanted to make the bed a bit, I went on my knees on the soft mattress, yet I couldn't stand it. Aua, aua, it's still so painful. I have to be patient.

My shoulders are OK again.

Tonight we'll go to a Christmas market. It's located where the Air yoga shala is. We can check if it's dangerous to get there or not. If all is OK I consider to practice  at Air in Cape Town during the second part of our stay. This would be cool.

Today I have to practice....

Today I have to practice, I have to.....and I want to.

We would have missed something if we weren't at that Café Africa. They offered a true African menu. It was excellent. I guess it was for tourists, which is OK.

My job here is to plan the evenings: today we'll go to a Christmas market.

And now: ekam - inhaling........

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Going with the flow

I sleep till 7am. I stroll around, take pictures. I organize where to eat out at night with my E. Life is relaxing.

Yesterday I worked on my website, when I looked up it was late afternoon. I ordered a Mediterranean platter for the room. A colleague was so enthusiastic about eating in the hotel room. If one has NO TIME at all, it's great, yet I have time. I prefer to eat out, I prefer to see people.
Today I found a tiny restaurant with even vegan food. I won't starve. South Africa has best food and best wines. I know, life is not all about eating. So I've some plans today: Where is my camera??? Next to me, of course.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A night at Café Ganesh

We took a cab to get to the restaurant. The cab driver from our posh hotel seemed to be surprised what places we know. :) Ha, it was a recommendation from someone from Cape Town. We loved to eat where the locals eat. A bit late we returned to the hotel. We're glad that our vacation has just started. It was not the last time that we were there. The music, the food, the atmosphere, we loved everything there.

The waiter ordered a cab driver for us at night. We love to talk to everybody. The cab driver acknowledged what I felt when strolling around downtown. The criminal rate went down in Cape Town. 7 years ago it was a more dangerous city than it is now. Nevertheless the clerks of the hotel advised us to take care of our belongings. My handbag shall be closed. It's better to have my camera around my neck.

She shops downtown with the fancy clothes often have an iron bars at the entrance and it is locked. If one wants to enter the clerks open it. This shows me that everybody takes care.

People here are all very very friendly. It's easy to have a conversation. This makes it easy to love to be here.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Cape town has a new fan.

Cape Town has a new fan. It's a lively, colorful city with very friendly people. And It's summer time. 

Breakfast at L'Aperol. 

Observing street life.

The shops. 

And I found my way back to the hotel. 

Time to keep exploring this corner of the world. 

Ashtanga yoga in Cape Town...

There are 2 Ashtanga yoga studios here that offer Mysore classes early at the morning (6:30) and many other yoga studios, too. What a luxury.
One Ashtanga yoga shala is in 40 min walking distance from the place where we stay, the other one in 20 min walking distance. It's not recommended to walk, as there is often no sidewalk, google mat told us.
40 min would be too long for me to walk, yet I could take a cab. They are affordable.

Yesterday night before bedtime we looked up the places. Both areas, where the yoga studios are located didn't look so inviting. I know that this is a projection. Thoughts about future events are just thoughts. My feeling is that Cape Town is much less dangerous than 7 years ago, when I've been here the last time. Nevertheless, we don't know.
We decided that I practice in the hotel this week. And next week, when E is on holiday, too, he can go with me. This is surely safer than walking so early in the morning alone to a shala.
It's his holiday then and I know that he loves to sleep in. I'll go perhaps once, just out of curiosity. The hotel room is so beautiful, it invites to practice here.

My situation has changed. 8 years ago, I taught myself the second half of the first series. I wanted to go to any teacher who could correct me. I was so greedy to learn something
I've a teacher in Munich. I'm no more so dependent to get feed-back from a teacher somewhere in the world.

Sunshine here. It's summer time. I had a coffee already. This woke me up. I guess I'll take a shower now, then I'll go out and I'll search a nice breakfast cafe. There are so many here. I'll write my journal, will read a bit and then I'll try to capture some moments here.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Cape Town

The view out of the window this morning. Wow, we're in Cape Town. It's sunny and windy here. People are very friendly. Food is delicious. The smells, the colors......SA is an amazing country.

Time to rock'n roll: Waterfront is the destination.