Wednesday, November 06, 2013

To walk the talk....

When I arrive at the Airyoga between 6:15 and 6:30 M, our yoga teacher is in savasana. I learned that he gets up at 4am to practice Ashtanga yoga before teaching. Knowing this makes it indeed easy to get up at 5am.

Also Sharath gets up very early. It's 1am, I think. At 4:30 the first students arrive in the shala in Gokulam, so he wants to have finished his practice by then.
Many others live this life style, too.

Yes, yes, one can learn always something from others. There is negative learning (what not to do) and positive learning (what to do). My experience is that positive learning is much more fun and much more effective. I've found like-minded people, what a joy.

To step on the mat in the morning is the first mental exercise. One must switch off all the distractions. Consequently one must go to bed the night before in order not to be too tired the next morning. Practicing Ashtanga yoga is a life style.

To make it to the mat in the morning to practice one of the Ashtanga series or only some sun salutations also means that one got to know oneself. One has understood what gets one going. This is different from yogini to yogini.

I'm more than happy about my current situation.

After only 8 days with M I could hold my wrist in supta kurmasana today. My practice leaps ahead. I could have realized it by myself, but I haven't. So, in dwi pada sirsasana I always tried to stretch upwards and to lift the head. Yet when I practiced supta kurmasana I rounded the back and put the chin to the body. I thought I wouldn't be able to hook my fingers behind my back if I stretched forward. I never thought that I could hold the wrist one day. Yet, with the new method to take my legs behind my head and to stretch forward the pose feels so much better, and yeah, I could reach my wrist today. Easily!!!!
I'll write about my new insights that I'v learned from M by now more profoundly. It's important.

After yoga I stopped at Starbucks again.  I'm so happy beyond imagination about the Ashtanga yoga practice at Airyoga with M. The time fits better, too. The shala is more beautiful and cleaner.  I want to sit down afterwards, enjoying, enjoying, enjoying. I stare out of the window. I breathe. Please may this last.


Anna said...

Wonderful. Now don't grasp too hard!

Ursula Preiss said...

Life always has surprises, Anna. My life experience: it goes always up and down.
The next downs are in sight already. In 2014 my teeth treatment will go on. It will be hard, I was told, also for me.

Angele Style said...

There is a Sufi saying, When someone comes to tell him bad news or good news he always responds, "Is that so?" So hard to do but right now I am going through another injury which feels like "bad news" because I strive to take 4 to 5 ballet classes a week and now I cannot. But if I can not judge this time as "bad" then I find it easier to deal with. It is not denial it is not acceptance it just IS. I like reading your daily posts.

Ursula Preiss said...

You're so right, Angele. We never know if something is good or bad. The mind is judging so often. Yet accepting what is makes life easier.

Get well soon.