Monday, November 04, 2013

The atmosphere before sun rise

When I left the house this morning it was still dark. The city and its citizens were still sleeping. No cars were in the streets. Few people were on the way to work. I had my camera around my neck to capture this early atmosphere.

I learned that the Indian yogis practiced before sun rise because after sun rise it would be too hot to practice yoga.

Yet I see another reason now, too. One must experience it. One of the intentions of yoga is to calm the mind. At 6:00am everything is still so peaceful. At least it seems so. The busyness that we all know starts a few hours later. These pushing and hurrying does not yet exist at 6:00am.

Issues, excitement, whatever seems to start later.
To practice that early (6:30) influences the practice a lot. We have a very concentrated, calm atmosphere in the room where we practice. Everybody takes care not to disturb the practice of the other yoginis. Without any noise the mats get rolled out. I experience friendliness, attentiveness. It's exactly how I love it. The atmosphere creates joy.

At 8:30 I left the Airyoga. The world has changed. In the meantime it's bright outside. Busyness has started. I stopped at Starbucks to sip a small Cappuccino with soy milk. I looked out of the window and enjoyed what is.

PS: Today I was asked to practice till supta vajrasana. Of course I loved it. I get so much help. My back bending will progress, I'm so sure....:)

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