Thursday, November 14, 2013


There are obstacles on the Ashtanga yoga path, and on every other path, too:

1. Illnesses: We all get ill from time to time. I remember an awful cold with fever a few years back. If this happens, stay in bed and start with your practice when you feel fit again. Start slowly.

2. Injuries: Injuries can happen all the time. It's considered dangerous to work as a house wife. Statistically the most accidents happen at home. One can also get injured when practicing yoga. One can overstretch the hamstrings to give an example.  If this happens, keep practicing with even more care. I learned to work around the injured body parts. It helps me to heal faster.

These 2 obstacles concern the body.

3. Lack of motivation: Why shall I do this???? Doubts can come up. Then watch YouTube videos about yoga. Write a journal. Take pictures of yourself. Or simply keep moving. Don't ask too many questions. Plateaus arise. They come and go, keep observing.

4. Lack of time: Get up earlier. Learn skills about time management. Practice shorter, but practice. Simplify your life. Once I've been in a workshop with Danny Paradise. Someone asked the question: What shall I do if I have no time at all. Danny's answer: If you have no time at all to do anything else but your job, then change your job change your life.

These 2 obstacles concern the mind. There are many others, too.
No obstacle is so big that one has to stop practicing. Adjustments might make sense sometimes.

And sometimes there is tailwind: An excellent teacher appears in a beautiful shala. Time to practice is perfect. The learning curve goes upwards. Then one can enjoy. I do. Might this last.

One can engage in obstacles when they appear.

After yoga I stroll over the Viktualienmarkt (see picture). All the vegetables and fruit are exposed already, yet the market is still deserted. It's cold here now, very cold, but I don't mind. My body is warm from the practice. I breathe. I observe how the city wakes up, slowly. Life can be so good.

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