Sunday, November 17, 2013

Supta kurmasana - the show must go on

In 2009 I was not yet able to do this pose. See history. Hahaha, I had to smile about the picture.
When I learned second series and eka pada sirsasana I suddenly could do supta kurmasana, too. My anatomy doesn't allow me to cross my feet in front of my head. I have to cross them behind my head.

So finally after years (about 8 years) of exercising this pose I could cross my legs behind my head, I could hook my fingers behind my back and there I felt happy. I didn't know in which direction I should work. This is it, I thought. Stay there and relax. It felt good.

I wrote already about my progress re supta kurmasana. When MSch adjusts me in that pose, it's even possible to reach the wrist with the hand behind my back. How far can I get into the pose by myself? I wanted to see this (see picture above).

What I do differently these days:
1. I point the feet. I don't hook them anymore. See history.
2. I try to stretch forward when I move the body to the floor. My back is less rounded now. This makes the pose more comfortably. It can be seen in the history that my back is much more rounded than in the picture above. No more the top of the head is on the floor now, but the forehead.
3. With help I can reach the wrist of the left arm with my right hand. Alone I couldn't reach it. Yet I can imagine that this is doable when I bring my legs a bit closer to the body and when I try to bind the arms a bit higher on my back.

Enough yoga for today.
I'll go to bed early to be well-rested for the Mysore class at 6:30.

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