Monday, November 18, 2013

Stable and comfortable

If an asana is stable and comfortable, it starts becoming possible to concentrate on the breathing (and not on the pain or discomfort). This is the goal. When the asanas are stable and comfortable practicing yoga is pure joy. Yet it can take years till this can be reached. Most asanas of primary are comfortable for me after 10 years of Ashtanga practice. I was warned by a friend in India that it can last so long. She was right.

Sthira sukham asanam. 

There are always yoginis in Gokulam and they write about the stay there: Here is a link to a conference with  Sharath. It's worth reading.

During the weekend I went to bed rather late, I got up late, too. So this morning it was not so easy to get up, but I knew what would expect me. So I got up, put on warm clothes. A cap should keep me super warm when I walked through the night to the Airyoga. One never regrets when one has practiced.

I cannot explain it, but I'm not really stiff so early in the morning. I enjoyed my practice, primary and second series till bakasana. I get so many adjustments, I'm more than happy. I'm again optimistic, that my back bending develops. Finally I get professional support in kapotasana again. This pose can only get better...

The atmosphere in the morning Mysore class is without comparison. The time plays an important role here for sure. All the yoginis are concentrated on the practice. All yoginis look in one direction when they practice, this might bring additional calmness in the room. There is no running to the restroom (it's upstairs, so this seem to make it possible not to go), or running to the changing room to check the mobile phone (!), as the changing rooms are upstairs, too. There are no blocks, straps, bags and blankets everywhere on the floor, that one has to push around to create place again and again in order to be able to perform some asanas. This, too brings visual calmness in the beautiful room at Airyoga. This is simplicity. In the shala I see yoginis on colorful mats. That's it. More distraction would be too much. What we have now in Munich at Airyoga is a Mysore class similar to that in India. What a luxury.

At 9pm I was at home. Super, I thought, I've a full day to do all the stuff that needs to be done.
I cannot explain this either, but I feel fit and full of energy after having practiced so early.


Kitharo said...

Morning :-)

I need your help... I'm going to make myself a christmas present and buy a new yoga mat - I think my current one (a cheap model which lasted surprisingly long) is done and I can't decide which mat to buy.

Of course, I'm flirting with the Manduca black pro, but... 80€?? So expensive... do you have any recommendations, U?



Ursula Preiss said...

Of course I have a suggestion for you.

If you want to buy a yoga mat and use it for the rest of your life, here is the link: produce without poison. They offer quality for a reasonable price.

I use these mats for years now.
Plural, because I've one at home and one in the shala where I practice.

These mats make the difference. :)

Greetings. Ursula

Kitharo said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I've never heared of them, but the prices are really great and I love that it's product class 1 for their mats, since I'm on the mat everyday, I don't want any poisons there.

I just trusted my intuition (and your advice) and just ordered one - it's weird how excited one can get when ordering a new yoga mat. Yoga freak haha

Thanks for the tip, I'll tell how it feels when I hope on the new mat for the first time :-)

Have a nice evening


Ursula Preiss said...

I know already that you'll love it.

It has the perfect stickiness if you need it. Yet the material also allows you to slide through when your feet are not off the mat.

Your practice will change. The mat is high end.

Good night.