Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Routines, because they help

I practice every day (Mo through Fr) Ashtanga yoga at the same place at the same time. I practice every day the same routine. Friday is a little exception, because on Friday a led class is offered. On Sunday I practice on my own. Saturday is a day off.

This is simple. This helps me to stay committed. Not much organizing is required. Early in bed, early up, that's it. At 8:30 my practice usually comes to an end. Then I've the entire day  for any activities, duties, projects, learning......or what else comes into my mind.
I'm still amazed how fit I feel when I'm through my yoga routine that early.

This is how it shall be.  This is how it's a piece of cake to be disciplined. No, it's perhaps not super easy, but it's the easiest way I know.

Same time, same place, same teacher and it's difficult not to practice Ashtanga yoga. 

I'm so enthusiastic. I have a teacher who can show me how to perform the asanas. His adjustments push me forward. Safely. Almost all asanas improve: supta kurmasana, vinyasas. pashasana, laghu vajrasana, kapotasana, urdhva dhanurasana. Every pose deserves a post, a picture, a video of its own.
Often it's important to know how to get into an asana. This can make the difference. MSch shows me the secrets of the vinyasas/asanas.


Ashtanga yoga is art if performed correctly. So beautiful.

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