Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One cannot run away from one's fate.

So this morning I was happy again that I got up on time to be at the Mysore class from the beginning on. My practice is rather long. It makes sense to be there early if I don't want to be one of the last yoginis who leaves the shala.
Thinking of all the committed yoginis who make it to the shala every day, gives me energy to get up. It still takes some time till I wake up alone without alarm clock. The habit to get up so early is not yet strong enough.

With my cap on my hat, my scarf around the neck I left my home. I knew it would be cold. I walked rather fast to keep myself warm. Quick I realized that it was slippery outside. The sidewalks were not yet treated with salt or stones. I saw it, I thought: take care. It was too late. I must have walked too fast. Within a fracture of a second I fell, my knee came on the ice. Almost at once I screamed loud. It hurt like hell. So early in the morning it's still calm in the city. Only my outcries could be heard. I stood up and realized that nothing was broken. I was shocked. A practice should be possible I thought and kept going. Much slower.

My knee has a bruise. I saw it already in the changing room. It felt more dramatic than it looked like. Only the back bending asanas where I start on my knees were a bit difficult.

I saw the ice on the path. I saw it. I knew I had to take care. Yet I fell, it should be so.
So it is in life. What shall happen, will happen. No worries. 

PS: A tip that I got from a friend that I want to forward here: take care how you walk. one foot shall always be stable on the floor. If we walk fast this is not the case anymore. Try it. You'll realize the difference.

PPS: For those who're interested in bruises, I uploaded a picture. Hahahaha......


Globie said...

Oh Ursula,
Take care, it happens so quickly, I know.
I hope your knee is getting better, take it easy

Ursula Preiss said...

Kevin, I thought of you. It went so fast. I could do nothing.

Oh yeah, lesson learned. Also when it's cold and when I'm in a hurry I'll take my time when I see that the sidewalk is slippery.

Anna said...

Yes, it happens like lightning - one minute you're upright; the next - down! I wish I'd not had my break - downward dog is still so difficult given how much strength I lost. Good luck with healing.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Anna. There happen quick and slow changes in life. I will heal, fast.

Keep practicing. Moving is the best therapy to get strong and flexible again.