Monday, November 11, 2013

"Keep practicing"

Yeah, I will.

My yoga week has started today, Monday.
Today I met my E after my practice. My time was limited today. We met in a cafe opposite to the Airyoga at 8am. He also loved the atmosphere so early in the morning.

I think now that it is underestimated how important it is to practice early.
Yoga shall calm the mind. Nothing supports this goal more than to practice early in the morning.

The yogis and yoginis who come to a yoga class that early are concentrated, committed to the practice. Only those words were changed that were necessary. No redundant actions happened. The yoginis are respectful to each other. Nobody disturbs the silence. Only breathing could be heard, like the waves of the ocean. The atmosphere is as it shall be. India feeling comes up. It seems as if everybody knows that practicing yoga is a concentration exercise. Not being distracted here and then helps to experience flow. When flow happens one feels like in paradise.

It still amazes me that I don't feel tired after the practice as I used to be when I finished my practice at 11am. I feel fit. My practice prepares me for the day, yet it doesn't absorb all my energy. My practice gives me energy. Wow-effect.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Yes, I'm looking forward to back bending, too. :)

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