Monday, November 04, 2013

Fine tuning my new morning routine

In the evening: 
1. I want to pack my handbag. As I can leave my yoga mat at the new shala I only have to pack my yoga clothes.
2. I want to have my hair washed.
3. I'll go to bed at 10am, I'll set my alarm clock. At 5am I want to get up.

The next morning:
1. At 5am I'll get up.
2. I'll prepare a cup of coffee for myself. I'll eat fruit. To eat a bit is good as it wakes up my organism. Yet I realized already that my usual breakfast with soy yogurt and popped amaranth, with nuts and fruit is too heavy. So an apple might be enough.
3. Then I'll shower, I'll dress...
4. At 5:50 am I want to leave the house. By now I don't know exactly how much time I need to get to the shala.
5. Between 6:15 and 6:30 I want to be there and change my clothes. The shala opens at 6:15.
6. At 6:30 the Mysore class starts.

After yoga:
1. Yepeeeee, I will have time for all the other activities I want to do. At about 9am I'll be at home again and I'll have a Matcha tea. If I'm hungry I'll have a small breakfast.
2. Then I'll write my journal, I can update my blog. And I'll have time to study English and French for an hour. This is so neglected.
3. It will be still the morning when I can focus on one of my projects.

This sounds to be a smooth routine. I'll see what I have to adjust when I live it.

To have a routine helps a lot to get things done. Most routines are unconscious. Yet I think it makes sense to question the routines from time to time. Especially if one has the feeling to have no time it makes sense to observe where the time goes.  


Anna said...

Ursula - I love this post about your routine! It helps me think about mine. I've been waking up with my natural rhythms but that's getting to be too late for me (0800-0830). I am going to start setting an alarm clock for 0700. I do need an earlier start to the day.

Ursula Preiss said...

If you get up 14 days at 0700 this is no more early. It will be easy to get up.

Good luck.

PS: My routine worked very well this morning.