Monday, November 25, 2013

Back bending

My focus is back bending these days.
It's easier to practice back bending in a group session. At home I feel mental resistance to do it.
My last asana is bakasana A. So all the back bending asanas of second series come at the end of my practice. After bakasana A I exercise urdhva dhanurasana, the last back bending asana. The order makes it possible to go a bit further each time when I move my body backwards. My body is soft when I finally focus on urdhva dhanurasana, yet also a bit weak.

A few things have changed:

1. I got the feed-back that my legs/knees are too far away from each other. This makes back bending easier, but this is not the intention. One must really be super attentive if one doesn't like to cheat on oneself. So knees, legs and feet are closer together again when I start a back bending pose.

2. I lengthen the body first. I take time to lengthen it, lenghten it........upward is the direction first.

3. To push the hips forward is not recommended, I was told. This is probably THE tip that pushes me forward (not the hips, but me). I engage the leg and hip muscles these days. AND I try to keep them engaged during the vinyasa and asana. This almost kills me. But this is it what allows me to come up from laghu vajrasana, i.e. (with a bit of help, :) )
My hands are now on the front of the body first when I start any back bending asana to give me some resistance.

When I do kapotasana MSch sits behind me and I try to reach his knees. His hands guide me. When my hands are stable on the knees, I push my chest upwards. It seems to me as if I can go deeper into the pose than a few weeks back.
Kapotasana is the pose where one needs professional adjustments if one wants to learn it in less than a decade (hahaha) and I get it. Finally I'm no more on my own with this pose.
Tomorrow I'll take my time, I won't move backwards too fast.

Urdhva dhanurasana adjustment: Today I moved backwards with arms crossed in front of my chest. I moved backwards till my head (yes head)  touched the floor. This feels interesting. :)

It would be good to integrate back bending into daily life. I'll be creative here. There will surely come posts in the next weeks about this topic. I prefer to work on flexibility than on strength. yet I got the insight that both is important, especially in back bending.

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