Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ashtanga yoga at 6:30 at Airyoga

Today after yoga we (3 yoginis who practice daily) had a conversation in the changing room about practicing that early.

We were all amazed and pleased about 2 facts that one cannot explain but it is so.

1. At 6:30 our bodies are rather flexible and soft, more flexible than they are a few hours later. Who knows why.
2. After 2 hours of yoga we all feel refreshed. Especially this amazes me. Usually I was tired when my yoga practice was finised at about 11am. I did grocery shopping, ate something and then I slept. Time issues accompanied me during the last years. When I leave the Airyoga at 8:30 I feel fresh. I think 'action baby'. I want to do something. Where is the next horse to ride is my attitude. One cannot explain this too, but this is so.

One must experience this by oneself.

One has to get used at first to get up at 5am. But after a short time a habit is formed. Nothing is easier but to practice at the same place at the same time.

I practice primary till supta vajrasana. This is enough as I get so many adjustments and help. My learning curve goes upwards. I'll share my new insights in posts to come.

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Picture: It's taken on the way to yoga. It's still night. The atmosphere is fantastic.

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