Friday, November 08, 2013

A full yoga week is over

It's the second week that I practice Ashtanga yoga at Airyoga at 6:30am. It's a most beautiful shala (see picture). The teaching is so intensive, that I'm absolutely busy with primary and second series till supta vajrasana. I practice all the back bending asanas that I want to improve and that are necessary for a balanced practice. The adjustments are very very good and safe. I can feel that I progress.

Today, Friday we had a led class. Oh, I was challenged, too. It has been some time that I've been in a led class. I realize that when I practice alone, I need more time to get into the asana and often I get out of it rather fast. In led classes the vinyasa count is the focus. It creates flow.

To practice in the morning is great. Most yoginis come on a daily basis. The atmosphere is concentrated and calm.

Tomorrow I don't practice.
On Sunday I'll practice at home in the morning.

Conditions are perfect in Munich for the time being. I'm so happy.

I relax.


yulang said...

Somehow I prefer mysore, because my breathing gets a little bit distracted while busy following the teacher's instructions. But led class is also nice, in the sense that it helps to break the pattern one is used to, and it can be considered as a devotion to the teacher also.
Then I am satisfied. ;)

Have a nice weekend!

Ursula Preiss said...

Oh, hello dear Lang,thank you for commenting. :)

I love your view to see going to a led class as a devotion to the teacher.
For me a led class often shows me that I tend to make my practice easy when I practice according to my own rhythm. :)

We're so devoted practitioners. :)
Yes, have a nice weekend and till Monday morning.

Angele Style said...

Is this new header photo of you at the Pacific Ocean? When you were in Portland, Oregon again a few weeks ago I was going to see if we could hook up but with working full time and my ballet classes my time was too pressed. The photo sure looks like our beaches.

Ursula Preiss said...

It's Mission Bay.

No worries, Angele, I know how it is. We all have busy lives. Perhaps we'll see each other next time.