Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Where are you guys from?"

"From Germany."

Then the waiter switched the Channel on the huge screens to soccer: Champigons Leage. We're sitting at Miller's Field. Breakfast was over already when we arrived at 12. So we had lunch here: Salad, french fires, orange juice. E has fish burger which came with a salad, too.

As last time I got a cold. Painful. Yet I've no time to focus much on it. I even manage it to practice. Without any ambition I do my asanas and vinyasas. At the end I'm more than happy.

During the day I experience the hot sun, the cold wind, the beauty of the sunset at Mission Bay with my beloved E.

My camera is always around my neck. I'm striving for simplicity in life and in my pictures, too.

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Anna said...

Lovely post. So well said re. simplicity: it's a long journey. Back in the UK now but so much stuff has accumulated that I need to shed.