Sunday, October 06, 2013

To eat well is part of the life style that one prefers.

I loved the colors of the berries this morning, so I took a picture of my tiny breakfast. It consists of 1 soy yogurt, popped amaranth and the berries. My breakfast is not 100% the same every morning. Sometimes I add few (3 or 4) nuts. When I have a sweet day I add agave syrup. Very often I add cinnamon, sometimes vanilla. When I'm very hungry I add more popped amaranth. As fruit I try to buy seasonal fruit. I'm away from bananas. When I take a banana I share one with E.
I drink a glass of water in the morning, but also something warm, something that wakes me up. This is either Matcha tea or a small cup of coffee. That's it.
A tiny breakfast is very important for me as it wakes up my organism. Bowl movement starts and I need an empty bowl for my yoga practice. I don't start with my yoga practice at once after breakfast. So this light tiny breakfast is no more a burden in my stomach after 1 hour.
Breakfast means break a fast, this can never be a huge meal, but something small.

Beverages during the day: Most people drink calories. The body needs water when thirsty, still water, not sparkling water. Sparkling water makes the body sour. For me sparkling water is too heavy, I don't drink it. I've difficulties to gulp it. When I go to a cafe I often order a cappuccino with soy milk. It's almost like a meal.

I try not to eat too much. Below is today's dinner. I prepared a salad and a soup, a red lentil soup. I tried something new. I search simple yet delicious recipes.
My experience is that the vegan community is growing, this is so fantastic. Yet also vegan food can be unhealthy. Restaurants are always businesses. One must cook by oneself.

I enjoy to do Attilas challenge: 30 days vegan. Each time I adjust something else. For instance during my October challenge I don't say in restaurants that I'm vegetarian, but vegan. I also try to have a vegan dessert at home, as most restaurants don't have vegan desserts. For the time being we don't eat out often. This will change when we'll travel again....

I hope I could inspire you with this post. It could be an idea to update my vegan blog with recipes. I'll let you know here on this blog when it's updated.

To eat is not the focus of my life. I love to eat well and healthy. Yes yes, but I don't want that all my thoughts circle about eating. I feel excellent when I forget to eat, when my life is so interesting that I don't have time to eat. Then my life is intensive and this happens not so seldom. I'm not afraid that I'll starve when I skip a meal, yet I don't want to feel hungry either. Less is more, how so often.

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