Saturday, October 05, 2013

The fear to get stopped

This is indeed a speciality in Ashtanga yoga that people get stopped at a pose because a teacher thinks a pose is not perfect enough and that's why a student is not allowed to move on.

I'm not able to come up from urdhva dhanurasana, yet even in India I could move on to pashasana. When I I've been in India, I've been not even able to drop back. Saraswathi taught me the first pose of second series.
The first students learned first and second series in a row, they didn't even realized when second series started.

If I cannot get my leg behind my head, it's impossible to practice the asanas of third series. Then the poses of third series are not possible at all. Yet a very imperfect kapotasana allows me  to move on with second series.

When I go to a new shala I practice primary first. There is a lot to learn there and the teacher can see how a student is practicing. I'm thankful for every feed-back. Yet the next time I want to practice also second series because of the asanas I'm not able to master and because I think a balanced practice means to practice back bendings, too. Only what I practice I can learn.

I see only one solution: I must focus on back bending. These back bending poses are within reach. I don't think that I will be able to do Viparita salabhasana or Ganda Bherudasana. But this is future music. It's not necessary to spend time thinking of them. Back bending asanas that I want to be able to do are urdhva dhanurasana, laghu vajrasana and kapotasana. That's nothing, isn't it?  Hahahaha........

The solution of all this: practicing, practicing, practicing. If necessary and it is necessary I plan extra sessions, back bending sessions that last 30 min. In the evening my body is also softer. This might help, too.

The next shala where I'll practice will be in Portland. I hope that I'll find it this time. Last time about 2 years back, I couldn't find it.

(Oh my, what crazy issues I have. Who and what shall stop me? I'm less and less dependant from teacher. Write it down and let go. Next topic please.....hahahahaha....)


Unknown said...

I never assume that I have to do Primary with a new teacher. I always ask if I can work on my second series practice because that is what I need the most. More teachers than not have said yes. Go ahead.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'll follow your advice. :)