Friday, October 04, 2013

Taming the mind

The last quarter of the year has started and I'm planning, planning, planning.....

Here the exercise starts, the mental exercise. Planning might be OK, but not too much. Planning is fiction. My plans often tell me what did not happen as I had planned everything. It's a reminder that life is not under our control. It's a happening. It's good to focus on the next action. My yoga mat is waiting for me already.

So what am I planning....hahahaha...
- Next Friday we'll fly to the United States. Till then I'll practice Ashtanga yoga at home. Perhaps I'll go one time to pick up my yoga mat.
- We'll be back the 27th of October. There is a new yoga teacher downtown. He offers Mysore classes from 6:30am till 9am in a beautiful shala, closer to my home. Finally classes are offered that last 2 and a half hours and not only 90 min. By now only M offered classes that lasted longer than 90 min. I try to have no expectations at all. To practice so early would allow me to focus more on my other projects, like writing and photography. This really seduces me to change the shalas. So in November I'll practice with a new teacher in a new shala.
- From the 30th Oct till the 14 Nov we'll be in South Africa. We'll move then to our new home and during Christmas time we'll be at our parents homes. I'll probably practice at home when in Munich till the end of the year.
- Where I'll practice in 2014 is in the stars. I'm ready for something new. To get up at 5am again is a challenge, yet challenges never stopped me doing anything.
I'd love to focus on third series in 3014. Whatever and whoever supports me, there I'll be.

Inhaling, pause, exhaling, pause.....between inhaling and exhaling is a little pause. This is important. Don't blend it, my pranayama teacher told me in India.

I'm ready for my Friday 'morning' practice at home. It will be primary.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful life ahead for you and your E... Happy travels full of contentment,
Namaste, Debb

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Debb. Yes, during the next 3 months we'll travel a lot. And perhaps the next time when we'll be in the US we'll meet. That would be great. Namaste, Ursula

Anna said...

Wonderful life you're creating daily Ursula: free and happy. How exciting - especially South Africa. Kiss the ground for me! For a moment I thought you were moving there! So, are you leaving Munich?

Ursula Preiss said...

You know that I'll kiss the ground for you!!! I'll wish you all the best when doing it.

Munich will be our airport. No, we won't move to another city or country. Our new home will be my grave. I love the idea. We found a good place to live and to die.