Monday, October 28, 2013

Strolling around

Before tiredness could come up, I went out. It was warm outside, the sun was even shining. My camera was around my neck. I was ready to hunt beautiful things, I was ready to capture the moment in a picture. This vase on the picture catched my attention. Snap, here it is.

My home is clean and organised again. It doesn't fit to practice yoga when half unpacked suitcases are in the way. To join a Mysore class felt a bit early. I washed the clothes, I dedusted, we all know what is to do after an absence of 2 weeks.

I don't know yet where to practice in the future.
Only the next day can be imagined. Tomorrow I'll practice at home, second series. Being attentive will be more important than a good performance.

Being focused on the breath will also be more important than going deep into the asanas.
Last practice was on Friday. So I'll have 3 days off tomorrow. This is not a tragedy, yet something to consider when starting a practice.

I'm happy that jet lag shows it's soft side. I stand a bit next to me, yet the general feeling is good. It's obviously possible despite my expectations of the worst.

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