Thursday, October 17, 2013

So cold......who cares......focus is the world around me.......

I hope I won't get a cold. They cool the breakfast room. Not only for me it is too cold. An American woman complained and wanted another place to sit. I so understood her. Tomorrow I'll ask for a warmer place, too. My throat demands attention. As a yogini I know what to do. To stretch out the tongue massages the throat; this little technique shall shoo away the bacteria. I believe in it.

I've plans for today. I want to go to the Chinese garden to participate at the tea ceremony there.
Right now it's foggy outside. This can change during the day. Yet fog is something interesting, it creates atmosphere.

I feel like going out soon. My yoga practice must wait. 2 days ago I could still do the leg behind head poses. So nothing to worry about.
Who knows when I'll be back here again........

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