Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Settled down

It's cold here, very cold, but sunny. Yesterday I walked around. A lot. I had to explore my surrounding. I wanted to get some orientation.
My basic PC issues are solved. I know how to use my external storage. Nothing can stop me anymore to fill my camera storage with shots again and again. It urged me to walk around.
Fall has come and the leaves turn red and yellow. When the sun is out one can have the impression as if the trees are on fire.
The situation of many people here has not improved. So many are homeless. Also a lot of old people live in the streets. But also the very young ones. These homeless people dominate the picture of the city.

Today I want to go to the botanic garden with my lensbaby. It's such a luck that it isn't raining. I also fear to step on the mat. I feel stiff. The hotel room is nice but small. To roll out my mat is possible. Shall I do this. Later, later. I'm too curious about the world around me.


Guidance By Selênê said...

I love that settled feeling :-)

Where are you? I was left wondering this after reading about the homeless people.

Selene xx

Ursula Preiss said...

I'm in Portland, Oregon. :)