Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh, up so early

I'm up before the breakfast buffet opens. I'm here in Portland in a hotel room in the 9th floor downtown. I'm sitting on the bed trying to download my pictures from the camera to an external storage. It's the third try. My camera is full, so if I want to take new pictures I must manage this. My PC is full, too. Hahahaha.....Prolific me.

In the meantime I've been so often in the US that it's a bit like returning to a familiar place. Two days we've been in the LA area. Laguna Beach, Huntington beach were stops. Portland is so different, alone because of the weather. Yet also here it's all so familiar.

Jet lag is so soft this time, but that I'm very hungry now is part of it. And in the meantime the buffet is open. Ha. Later more......

I've free wifi good.

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