Friday, October 04, 2013

Leg behind head poses

Primary has one leg behind head pose. It's supta kurmasana. I'm able to do this since I practice second series and eka pada sirsasana. I can hook my fingers very easily. I work to the direction to hold the wrist with one hand.

Second series has 6 leg behind head poses: 
1. Eka pada sirsasana
2. Dwi pada sirsasana
3. yoga nidrasana
4 till 6. Tittibhasana A, B and C.

Third series has 7 leg behind head poses: 
1. Viswamistrasana
2. Kasyapasana
3. Chakorasana
4. Bhairavasana
5. Skandasana
6. Durvasana
7. Viranchyasana A

Fourth series has 8 leg behind head poses: 
1. Buddhasana
2. Kapilasana
3. Marichyasana G
4. Marichyasana H
5. Bhuja dandasana
6. Parsva dandasana
7. Adho dandasana
8. Omkarasana

With each series the poses get more intensive. Today I added the third series asanas to my primary. Practicing them helps me to understand this pose. It opens the hip. It's important to take the leg slowly more and more behind the back, so that the body can be upright.

I don't try fourth series asanas. I've enough on my plate.
It helps to understand the asanas. It helps to stay longer in the asanas. Deep breathing is important.
To have an overview is good.

Yep, me too, I prefer to work on poses that are easier to me.

Today I practiced 2 and a half hours including pranayama and 10 min of meditation. I'm relaxed, so relaxed.

Time to move on....

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