Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I got lost in Portland

Twice I got lost today. My destination was the botanic garden. I must have been sleep walking. Good is I've now a printed map. The hotel room is circled. I'll always find a way back. I walked around a lot. This is sure.

I even climbed up all the steps that can be seen on this picture. Yet there wasn't the botanic garden either. The view was nice. Yet I prefer to be in the urban canyons with it's trees that are so colorful during fall. 

Yep, Portland has a lot of beauty. 
So and now I hope I manage it to put my body at least in a few asanas of primary. No vinyasas, just asanas. It could help me to get used to that narrow space that I have here. The bed uses up all the space in that huge hotel room. It's king size.


Anonymous said...

Love viewing Portland thru the eyes of your camera, dear U. Are you off to Phoenix after Portland?

Ursula Preiss said...

After this week we'll fly to San Diego. Then we'll drive to Phoenix. From Phoenix we'll fly back.
Yet the trip has just started...:)