Monday, October 07, 2013

I collect good habits

Yep, I collect good habits. One of my favorite habits is to set a timer. This means an activity has a beginning and an end. Usually I work in 25 min rhythm. My yoga practice needs 2 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm flexible here. I mean when 25 min are over and I've only 2 pieces of clothes to iron left, I do it. Re my yoga practice my ability to concentrate decides if I go on or stop after 90 min.

Sometimes a time frame must be even longer. Attila, a famous vegan cook and cookbook author here in Germany has published a book. He convinces people to eat 30 days vegan. It's not only this, he also recommends to integrate sports. White rice and bread shall be avoided during the 30 days. But I distract. The point is, it's a 30 days challenge. This seems doable. Even for me it creates different feelings, when I think 'for the next 30 days I eat vegan' to 'from now on I'll keep a vegan diet till the end of my life'. OMG.

I do the 30 days vegan challenge the third time. The third one has started 1st of October. I'm fine-tuning my eating habits. During my first challenge I discovered Matcha tea and a lot of recipes i.e..
During this challenge I'll ask for vegan food in restaurants and not for vegetarian food. The vegans became a movement and everybody knows now what it means. The restaurants are ready for us.

The very good news. I've my ideal weight. Today the scales showed: 45,7 kg. This is great. This makes my yoga practice so much easier. I started my first challenge with 48 kg. I had enough with these 2 extra kg. It's a lot for my tiny body. I know now that 45 kg would be perfect for me. Hahahaha......Health has priority.

The first mental exercise is to start something. No matter what it is, if we start an activity we have to eliminate all the other distractions. This is already focus. If we can start with our yoga practice every morning, we can also start a vegan challenge. Now is the time. The trick is to set an end also. If 30 days is too much the time frame can be shorter. Good luck, Anna.


Anna said...

Thank you. I begin again, as I truly feel better without eating animal produce. At heart, it's about regaining my self-discipline. 25 minutes at a time... here we go!

Ursula Preiss said...

...and don't forget the mantra: I can. :)