Sunday, October 06, 2013

Great practice

It was 11 o'clock when I stepped on my mat. Sundays are dedicated to intermediate Ashtanga yoga series.

Motivation was high to work on back bending. After kapotasana I added urdhva dhanurasana. After all these back bending asanas of second series, it's easier to do this pose. I usually practice this pose also against the wall. When my hands touch the wall, I walk them a bit deeper. From there I try to come up. Today I was rather close to the floor and I could come up. I think I understand this pose better now. One really has to push with the hands, one really must work with the legs too. A deep inhaling does the rest. To think that it's possible is helpful, too.

When I practice I add hanumanasana to every series, forward split. This pose helps me to improve the back bending asanas, as it stretches the front side.

I wonder what I shall practice tomorrow. An intensive back bending part will be part of my practice, this is for sure.

This practice teaches me discipline and patience. Things develop, yet slowly. 

Picture: I baked a vegan carrot cake. It's delicious, yet I doubt that it's healthy.


Anna said...

Would you do a post sometime on your eating habits? I am on and off vegan and this frustrates me. I like a medium sized breakfast (usually fruit/muesli); my main meal at lunchtime and to eat very little later on. And to abandon sugar for ever. I don't know, I need some inspiration at the moment!

Ursula Preiss said...

Of course Anna, posts will come soon.