Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Second post deleted.

If I don't write about the background, my posts make no sense. And I don't want to write about the background.
Perhaps I'll find the right words soon.

By now just a hint. It can be that my yoga life will change again. I'm so excited.

Till next Friday I'll practice at home. And on Friday we'll be on our way to the US, Portland.

To be disciplined is a mental skill. Time to practice.


Kitharo said...

That sounds exciting... change in yoga life... are you taking teacher training? That would be my only guess, because you are so dedicated to Ashtanga, I can't imagine you moving on. Or a yoga project? I like mysteries haha

Sunny Greetings


Ursula Preiss said... Julian, no teacher training.
I'm indeed a passionate student, this role fits best to me.

Stay tuned.....:)


Anonymous said...

You have my curiosity too, U.. I think I may have an idea though :)

Also, still planning on Phoenix as part of your USA trip? I've been invited to an event in Phoenix on Oct 19th, but still debating..


Anna said...

I remember that you alluded to this change a while ago! Wonder what is happening... Whatever is on the cards, good luck with it :-)