Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Every day is different

Yesterday I had a highlight during my yoga practice: I could grasp my wrist in pashasana. Usually I hook the fingers. Wow, that was a deep twist. What a surprise, too
Yet after one hour of practice I couldn't go on anymore. Energy was used up. Nothing seemed to be possible anymore. I stopped.
I tried to find a reason for this exhaustion. The night before I stretched my body again at night. This might have been too much. One practice during a day is enough for me.

Today I was busy with preparing my trip to the US. Our home here must be so nice that we like to return. I cleaned, discarded things, mainly bags. Do we collect bags, too? I ironed a mountain of clothes. The battery of our alarm clock has ended his life, I got a new one.
My new vacuum cleaner is fantastic. It's such a difference to the old one. I got enthusiastic.

And now it's late. Dark.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Primary is on the schedule. I'm looking forward to my practice. I'll spice it up with third series asanas. There is so much to learn......

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