Thursday, October 24, 2013

At Starbucks with free wifi....

This picture is already past. It's taken at Mission Bay.
We arrived in Arizona. We found a Starbucks in the middle of nowhere. We've free wifi here and this was it what we were looking for. I'm glad that it's not cold inside like in a refrigerator. I love to have it warm.

The way from San Diego to Phoenix is desert. There are rocks, also dunes. The width of the country is amazing. From time to time these huge lorries can be seen. We have music on. I feel like in a road movie.

The second picture in this post is taken in La Jolla. It belongs to the past, too. How is this pose called, I wonder....

PS: Oh yeah, I'm back to a morning practice and it feels so good.

Oh, I almost forget to tell a story: Yesterday we sat in a Japanese restaurant. Suddenly, very silent 5 or 6 men in uniform came in and they went straight to the restrooms. What's going on there, I wondered. Then more men in uniform came. Some carried a stretcher. I feared the worst. Drug abuse in the restrooms, perhaps someone was already killed. About 30 min later the men returned. On the stretcher was a man with long black hair, an oxygen mask on his face. He was holding it by himself. He was saved. Must guest didn't realize what had happened so close to them. Life went on as usual.

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