Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ashtanga yoga is a mental exercise, too

Ashtanga yoga is a mental exercise, too.

Stepping on the mat at home one has to eliminate all the other distractions, all the other fun. Not everybody is able to do it. Some yoginis need a group, a teacher who is observing and helping. Otherwise they don't move.

We Ashtangis also have to remember the series. Oh, I see a lot of cheat sheet in classes. Some even practice second series and need it. One can clearly say, these yoginis had not yet the discipline and focus to learn about 28 asanas by heart. I'm not impressed.

Focusing on the breath is a concentration exercise. All the issues, plans, joys fade away when focusing on the breath.

Moving the mind to an activity or an object is a technique. To concentrate on this activity or object is an effort, a skill. One can learn it. To be able to concentrate is a very helpful technique.

Yes, I'll have the discipline to step on the mat today. I'm so motivated. My practice yesterday was intensive. I feel it in my body today. I did a lot of back bending. I felt slight progress. Yet in the evening I doubted if I would ever be able to perform kapotasana. I know that this is not so important.
Yesterday night I saw videos on back bending, jumping through. These days we have so many learning possibilities for free. A gift.

More important than to reach goals is the daily practice. Here I am. I'm ready for another exercise on the mat.

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