Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today I'm ready again.....

It's the second day at home. Yesterday I was busy with activities on my list that had priority. When I had time to do yoga, an Email came in and I prefered to meet M downtown than to step on the mat.

My E knew it that I wouldn't get up at 6am and advised me to set the alarm clock at 6:30am. This was the time he wanted to get up. He had to.....and he was right. Even at 6:30 time I was in deep deep sleep. It's 9am now, I had already my Matcha tea and a shower. The cold water at the end wakes me up. Sometimes this kick doesn't last long. Also today Im getting slowly into the day.
I'm glad that I slept well. During the last weeks my sleep was a mess. It's a gift to sleep during the night and I slept even deeply.

Today is Tuesday. I'll start with second series. I don't think that my body is soft enough and strong enough for third series asanas after a break of 4 days.

Also today is some desk work to do. One task at a time........So much I want to do. This keeps me young. Yet I must take care. I don't want to make myself stress. Yesterday I had buzzing in my ears. It came and went. Take it easy, I told myself. What's the next step and then to focus on it is always good advice. And my next tiny step is to make the bed and to write my journal. After that my tiny breakfast will be digested and my tiny body shall be ready to practice.....:) 3.....2........1.

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