Sunday, September 01, 2013

The yoga week has started.....

I needed a kick, this morning. Start slowly, I thought. And finally I was on the mat for second series. Few extras like the splits I've practiced, too. Otherwise I was rather close to the series as it's designed. Once a week at least I want to practice comme il faut. On Sunday classic intermediate is on the schedule and on Friday classic primary. During the week I feel more creative after 10 years of practice. I focus on the 20% that make the difference.

Great, I've done it. This is what counts.

I plan already what I'll practice tomorrow: Second series and back bending of course. And after back bending I could do third series asanas. I love the idea.

Yesterday was my focus on photography: I attended a make-up workshop. I'm so fascinated of the result. A natural make-up can make a difference.

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