Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The soul must arrive, too.

These days we can travel within a short time from continent to continent. That is, our physical body can be brought very quickly from one place to the other. Our transportation systems got faster and faster. To settle in, is something else. The soul often needs more time to feel at ease at a new place.

I've heard from a tribe that waited at the airport after a flight till the soul arrived. The soul needs time to adjust.
When traveling to countries like India i.e. I always need time to adjust. It's also the time difference, but not only. Food, weather, habits, language is all different and it can take time till one is part of the new game.

Sometimes it's not even necessary to fly to another country and the soul needs time to arrive. Sometimes the soul is stuck and lost somewhere on the way. One has to catch it.
I even think of creating an arrival ritual to make it easy for the soul to settle in and to arrive.

Tomorrow I'll go to a Mysore class and I'm so looking forward to it. This time this is part of my arrival ritual. I'm sure this will help me to get back to my ordinary life here in Munich. To have focus is joy. When body and mind work together it's very rewarding.

When I'm in handstand and when I think at the same time what to cook, I fall out of handstand.
It might not be so dramatic in daily life. But when thoughts are stuck at anything, one lives only with half flame. I want to burn again. Focus is the way to an intensive life. Having formulated this, I feel already how the energy is focusing like a laser.

It's getting dark.....evening has come......a lot of activities are done, others are not done. As it is, so it shall be.

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Anna said...

So much wisdom in this post, Ursula!

Things continue here... put my wrist down on the mat for the first time today! Barely any weight on it of course but it felt good to feel the mat beneath my hand :-)