Saturday, September 14, 2013

The challenge...

Since I've found vegan cookies in super markets and since I know where to get these delicious vegan cakes my challenge to eat 30 days vegan has become a tiny bit unhealthy. So today I put again some effort in eating healthy.

I stood in the kitchen and cooked. I love to pamper my darling E with something delicious. He loves avocados and as he said he loved the pumpkins, too. The sentence, 'you can cook it again', tells me everything.

The color of today's meal was so extravagant: orange and poison green. Wow.

Thank you, Attila, for this recipe. Yeah, click on Attila and you can get his book in English now for your kindle. It's translated now. Don't hesitate. You'll get a book with high end vegan cooking. The recipes are astute and simple at the same time. Cooking the meals enlarged my cooking skills. It's genius. It's a book full of ideas. Between every word you feel that this man who has written this book is a passionate cook, an adventurer in the kitch.

We couldn't eat everything, so tomorrow I'll have the left-overs.

Saturday is my yoga free day. It's the day where I can catch up with everything. I need this day off. My motivation soars on this day. I want to get back on the mat. And tomorrow is Sunday, my yoga week begins. Can't wait........

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