Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So relieved....

Only change is permanent. I'm so happy that our teacher has found another yogini who is able to assist him. We became too many. Support is needed. Yet not everybody who wants to assist should do this. Today's yogini loves to adjust, she is present, attentive. It's a very talented yogini. What I've learned within 10 years, she has learned in 1 year. Yes. She has a lot of potential either re her practice and re teaching. Her adjustments also tell me that she has understood something. She's listening to the breathe i.e. and is adjusting when I exhale. Comme il faut.  Not everything can be perfect, of course not, but she's open-minded and open for feed-back. I'm very very happy.

It was no issue at all. At 6:30 I was up. I ate my tiny breakfast. On time I could leave the house. On time I was in the yoga shala. It was an intensive practice. I sweated a lot. These days I'm able to practice 2 hours without breaks, yet there seem to be these tiny breaks that I scarcely realize at home. In a group I eliminate many of these interruptions. I sticked to second series today. No extras. No repetitions. A lot of sweat. Contentment at the end.

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Deepak Sachdeva said...

That's a good news. Keep it up.