Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh, so cold....

One must try it. Ideas must come to realization, then one can adjust them, modify them or discard them. But one must have tested them. I love this tree on the picture. The location is good for taking pictures. Exactly like this tree on the picture I imagine the tree where buddha sat when he became enlightened. Me too, I got insights. It's too cold for yoga sessions outside already. At least pashasana is not possible when it's cold and when I have to put on a thick pullover and a jacket. I tried it. The result was more than lousy.
Next summer will come.
But what to do during winter time? I must find rooms that I can rent from time to time. Of course one can shoot when it's cold. Yet it's difficult to perform advanced yoga poses outside without warming up. Making the best out of every given life situation is one of my life mottos. Solutions will be found. Perhaps I should make a list of easy asanas.....that can be performed any time without warming up.

This morning I turned on the heater. It was fresh inside, too.
I slept so long this morning, till 11am. Impossible. Hahaha......Whenever I get up I start with my morning routine as always: checking mails, sipping Matcha, having breakfast, writing my journal, stepping on the mat.......
To practice 2 hours is a good idea. Not all asanas were done, but I worked on back bending and I spiced second series up with third series asanas. After 2 hours I have enough. I mentally check if I had a balanced practice. Have I done back bending? twists? leg behind head poses? balancing poses? If I can answer with 'yes' to these questions I think I've done enough. Patience is necessary.

New is that I add pranayama and 10 min meditation at the end. It's not that I think I have to do it, I want to do it.

Will I get up tomorrow on time? Yep I want to go to a Mysore class at 8am. Wow. Might it happen!


Kitharo said...

I'm sure you'll be creative about the photoshoot location. Why not ask your shala if you could make photos there and maybe offer a few for free for their website? But I'm sure you'll think of something :-)

What Pranayama sequence are you doing? Or are you doing a specific sequence? I'm always including pranayama in my practice, but it's always changing... I never tried the classical "Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence" though, maybe that should be a goal.

Frosty yoga greetings from Frankfurt :-)


Ursula Preiss said...

The shala where I practice is not really appropriate. Lol. OK, why? There is no light, it's rather a garage with a door and there are tiny windows on top. Secondly the walls are painted one meter up from the floor in orange. Orange is not a good color in pictures, too dominant.

Perhaps I can find better locations.

I do alternate nostril breathing and I do uddjay breathing trying to make inhaling and exhaling even.
I want to study the classic Ashtanga sequence, I got curious.

Yes, it's too early too cold. Somehow I like the weather, but it's not appropriate to do yoga poses outside, perhaps the very simple ones. Why not.

Oktoberfest is coming and I'm sure we'll have some sunny days here. :)

Cordially greetings from Munich.


Anna said...

Temperatures have really dropped fast here in Toronto. Last week it was 40 degrees and this week 13! You look like a rebel in that gear!

Ursula Preiss said...

I am a rebel, hahaha....

Toronto, it has not the reputation to be a warm country. Yet there are clothes against the cold. Cold weather can have its beauty, too. Only yoga outside is no fun.