Monday, September 09, 2013

I slept well

I slept well. This is also why I don't care at all that I got up much later as wished. The alarm clock should wake me up at 6am. E switched it off. At 8:30 when E got up, me too I was ready to open my eyes slowly. I'm still a bit lame. Yet, how good is that my body and my mind could experience a deep relaxing sleep.

Have I written "a bit lame"? I don't know why I'm still tired and slow and not yet from this world, but I am.

This morning I'll prepare for myself a breakfast that consists of a peach, soy yogurt, popped amaranth and some nuts. During my trip I had bread, margarine and self-made jam. It's very very good, but I guess not as healthy as mine. It's good to get out of routine from time to time and my breakfast during the trip has been vegan, too.

My yoga practice was missed, too. Trips bring me out of my routine. This is so. Being back again, the task is to get back to it.

I took a cold shower. I switched on the radio. I prepared my breakfast. All activities serve one purpose: to help me to wake up, to get into the day. Brrrhhhhh. What a difficult start.........

So curious, how the day will develop......

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