Friday, September 27, 2013

Enough yoga done

After 2 hours of Ashtanga yoga practice I realized that my concentration faded away. Not only the concentration, but also the willing to do the next asana. Then it is enough. I stopped in the middle of the practice. Back bending was neglected today. I must have practiced VERY slowly today. For me the quality is more important than the quantity these days. Sometimes one learns more when practicing less asanas intensively than everything superficially. I don't know if it was a very intensive practice today, fact is I've enough now. I feel good.

I spiced up primary with third series asanas. On the picture is purna matsyendrasana. I exercised it 10 times by now. Then I wanted to take a picture again to see if anything has moved. The asana  has moved since the last time. I'm ready for the next tiny step, that is to get rid of the blanket that prevents me from falling out of the pose. To balance one must lean backwards. This may intensify the twist, but this is it, I think.

This is a method I apply also in life: if something seems overwhelming, I search for the next tiniest step that seems doable. Then I exercise this one till I get bored, till it is mastered. Then I ask: where is the next horse to ride. The next horse can indeed be "the next tiniest step". Many of these tiniest steps bring me closer to goals that seemed not reachable for me. What a lovely trick is that, isn't it?

Yes, it was planned to go to a Mysore class this morning, yet then it was so comfortable to be with my E, who will be on a business trip again today. I preferred to dawdle with him a bit to running to a yoga class. I'm flexible and disciplined.

Why doing these advanced yoga poses? Is it really necessary? Is primary not enough? 
Primary is not enough to say it right away, because it's unbalanced to do only forward bending.
Doing these crazy asanas of the other series teach me a lot.
First, if I think an asana is impossible I'll never ever be able to do it. So my first step is to think: it's possible. This modified thinking IS life changing. One day, it might last decades, crazy poses can be done. And this is an 'aha-moment'. Aha, it's possible. What was just a thought became true.
This thought is contagious. Perhaps these crazy asanas that I practice pushed me forward to focus on photography much much more than I've ever thought it would be possible.

This weekend I'll attend a portrait workshop. I'm so excited, so in anticipation. :)

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