Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Being a yogini is a life style

It's amazing how a vegan diet supports my practice. Today is day 10 of the challenge (30 days vegan). I should add the callenge is more than just eating vegan, it's also about eating the healthy stuff. This is no white bread, no noodles no rice, but vegetables, nuts, tofu, fruit.........

Today I had another excellent practice. To think of having 4 quaters helps a lot. I don't plan to do all the asanas. I focus on the 20%, and I've the feeling this pushes me forward.
1. The first quarter is warming up and repeating some weak asanas. During the first 30 min I also do the splits.
2. Then comes the second quater with mainly back bending, including urdhva dhanurasana. I want to work on these asanas while still fit and focused.
3. Also the third quarter challenges me with the new asanas of third series.
4. During the forth quarter I ask myself what is still possible. It's a lot. Yet here I do also the closing sequence.
Either I finish my practice with 10 min in rest pose lying on the back or I meditate for 10 min.

On Thursday I'll get to the north of Germany by train. I'm very curious how I'll manage it to stick to my healthy life style. Might I get help from heaven.

It's a sunny day. Time to go out........

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