Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ashtanga yoga, a mental exercise

Yesterday I saw a video, P. Jois was interviewed. He said that practicing is the first mental exercise. How true this is. One has to push away all the distractions and there are a lot these days. And one has to step on the mat to practice. This already is sort of focus.

Of course Ashtanga yoga is also a physical exercise.
Finally it's a concept to divide body and mind. They belong together.

Also today I practiced. And again it was an excellent practice. This means, I had the energy to work on these asanas that are difficult for me. I was concentrated. Pain tolerance was high.

This afternoon I hope that I can shoot the missing asanas of primary for my website:
Activities must be finished also. Also when they are not perfect.
After 2 hours of practice my focus was fading. It was planned to do more, yet I felt it was enough. I could have only continued half-hearted. Better to finish it with a nice closing sequence. The start is important, yet also the end.

The strict vegan diet feels good. Day 10 is mastered already. The challenge goes for 30 days. Of course I'll go on then. My cooking skills improve during these vegan challenges.

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