Monday, September 02, 2013

A lovely practice

The start was postponed. Yet as soon as I was on the mat I had a rocking practice. After the back bending asanas of second series I switched to third series. These asanas are demanding, yet I realize already that when I practice them I see progress.

It motivates me to document which asanas I've practice. When I've done an asana 10 times I want to take a picture of it. My list is on the sofa. The crosses get more and more.

It also helps me to plan a practice of 2 hours not more. I mean, I can go on when I wish, but usually after 2 hours concentration is fading. I don't plan anymore to do full second and half of third series. This is so much that it weights me down.
When I've the feeling that I've a good back bending day, I do more asanas of the same kind. I don't have to do everything every day. To focus on the 20% that make a difference is good for me.

When back in class I'll stick to the series of course. Then the focus is flow and not so much working on the asanas.

Nothing helps me more to improve my back bending then exercising the forward split. This is my hot tip for today. Don't force anything, yet practice it daily.

Perhaps it's too soon to generalize. Yet that I eat consequent vegan supports my practice enormously. Today I ate the rest of yesterday. This was not so super good. Tomorrow I'll prepare for myself again a yummy meal. :)

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