Wednesday, September 25, 2013


9:38. Damned, so late. Why, why, why didn't I get up earlier??? The mind is trying to find an answer. A waste of time. Yeah, there is the construction at the opposite of the street.They start working in the middle of the night. I guess the noise starts at 3am. Why ever I find the way out of the bed so late. I know it takes a lot of time till I fall asleep these days, even though I don't nap.

Today I prepared a cup of coffee for myself to wake up after waking up and not a Matcha tea. Brrhhhh is this bitter. The green tea is so much softer, so much more elegant. This black fluid is almost like a punishment for my sloppy life style....hahahha.......

I'm up.

During the last days I focused on photography. I do exercises from an excellent book: Extraordinary everyday photography. My flickr account is growing fast. I've a lot of fun trying out new techniques. Yesterday I created my first panorama picture. This technique can really be useful if I want to shoot yoginis in a shala one day. The weather allows to shoot outside. Good weather so uplifts my moods, every mood.

Mysore class is missed. Last Wednesday was so good. Missed is missed. Will have to practice in solitude. Everywhere around the globe are yoginis and yogis who step on their mat alone. This thought motivates me to join this group of lonesome wolves.

Sharath has started a channel on YouTube. I shared his first video by him on my last blog. Don't miss it. It's about pranayama. Here it is again. I adore the simplicity of it.
Pranayama is done after the asana practice. It's so much more subtle than a sweaty practice, it has to be practiced after the asana practice.

Time to move on.

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