Monday, August 12, 2013

Visvamitrasana preparation

I was amazed. After a week off, I stepped on the mat for second series and I had an excellent practice. After two hours I wanted to come to an end. I did the closing sequence and then I meditated 10 min.

When I practice alone I blend the second series with third series asanas. If it's only 3 third series asanas it's perfect for me. Kasyapasana I exercised. And I tried virachyasana A, which was a challenge.

Yesterday I bought the e-book "Visvamitrasana".It inspired me. I learned poses that can serve as preparation. I'm a fan of tiny steps. The above pose "compass pose" is very helpful, yet easier as  it's not a balancing pose.

I'm so happy that I practiced.

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