Monday, August 26, 2013

The second day of the challenge

The second challenge (30 days vegan) starts differently.

In the first round I was not interested in Matcha tea i.e.. Today I realised that it's a cult to drink Matcha. I bought a bowl. Each bowl is individual and created in a zen monastery. I've now already a bamboo broom. The tea shall foam. I drank it already and was in love at once. Coffee tastes bitter, green tea tastes harsh. Matche is green tea, powder. It wakes me up, yet much softer than the coffee. I'm already into it.

I also try new recipes. See above. The vegetables got soft in the oven. This gives a special taste. The dip was godly with artichokes and lime juice, agave syrup and basil leaves. Oh my, I forgot everything around myself and enjoyed this taste explosion on my tongue.

That I joined the Facebook group is also very supportive.

This morning, a Monday morning I had to go downtown. This is it, I thought. Many Arab women were downtown, too. Most are on a shopping spree. Some sip a coffee in one of the restaurants and cafes. I strolled around and enjoyed the intensive guidance in the tea shop re my Matcha tea. I walked home and cooked my lunch.

Tuesday I'll be back on the mat again: Second series!


Quentin said...

Is the Macha tea pesticide free? Do you have a recommended brand? Thanks.

Ursula Preiss said...

I hope that it is pesticide free!

There are different brands on the market and the teas taste differently. Some are sweeter. I'm new to the cult, so I cannot recommend something. :) Be adventurous and try on your own.:)

Kent J. Taylor said...

Very interesting! New things are so fun!

Ursula Preiss said...

Indeed. I think one should give new things a chance. This keeps the mind young. :)And life stays interesting.