Thursday, August 01, 2013

Something has moved

Yesterday I went to a Mysore class again. It has been ages that I've been there. A few new yoginis were there. One is able to do handstand in the middle of the room. She manages to get from handstand to bakasana B. Another one can to the splits easily. I love to see this. This stimulates the senses. This is motivating.

To do the splits means work if one is stiff. One has to repeat it daily. One has to go every day to the limit and a tiny bit further. That's it. It can take months (or years) till one is there, but it's doable.

Handstand is courage, but I think to know a few tricks is helpful, too. I observe that most yoginis work with the hands and fingers to balance. Yet I will ask those who are able to do it how they've learned it and what tips they can give.
I'd love to go slowly into the pose. That is I want to lift the legs over the sides.

My focus was flow. I didn't do much extras. I flew through the series. The extras I do at home.
Something has moved re urdhva dhanurasana. When I dropped back against the wall, I came deeper than ever. I know this because the wall is painted to a certain height. Orange. An ugly color. But I reached with my hands the orange before my break and yesterday my hands were below the line where the color starts. Joy came up und the thought got stronger that it's possible for me to stand up from urdhva dhanurasana. My strategy is good: at home I focus on the 20% asanas that shall help me to perform it. The forward splits i.e. support back bending more than any other exercise.
Perhaps I need another year to stand up, but it seems doable.

I got three adjustments: one in prasarita padottanasana C, one in kapotasana and then urdhva dhanurasana and all were helpful. In addition the energy of the group gave me drive.
On Friday I'll practice primary in the group. And then is M's summer break. I was astonished when I heard this. I'll have a lot of time to practice alone again. I'll have a lot of time to focus on the important 20%.

Today primary. I shall not dawdle. Today I'll see my friend a bit outside of Munich.

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