Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sirsasana - a classic

Yeah, it's straight! Headstand is a classic in yoga. When I tell people, not-yogis,  that I do yoga the first question is: Can you do headstand? Everybody knows this pose. It's rather easy to learn, yet it remains an impressive pose.

I'm up, I got up much too late. It's Saturday, yet I want to practice. Taking pictures spoils most practices and yesterday I took pictures.

Oh, what I wanted to write: Most of the time progress cannot be seen on a daily basis. There are ups and downs. Yet after a few years of daily practice, even simple poses can improve. This is why taking pictures is such a huge motivator for me.

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Globie said...

One day I will do Sirsasana again, but its going to be a while, my arm doesn't like it